Build faster

API Bakery helps startups build their API backend in seconds, with no strings attached.

Spend time building your unique vision, don't waste it on grinding boilerplate code.

From zero to deploy in a few clicks

We create production-ready code for your startup's backend, customized just for you.

Iterate Faster

Build your MVP quickly, using a production-ready project, instead of starting from scratch.

Be agile

Quickly experiment with your data models and API design. Try new ideas in minutes, not days.

Quality by Default

You get clean, tested and documented code that can easily be extended.

No Strings Attached

No new platform to learn, no unexpected expenses when you get successful.

Batteries included


Out of the box, your project will be full-featured and integrated with lorem ipsum.


Create, Read, Update and Delete API calls for all your objects through generated routes (views) you can customize and extend.

Relational (SQL) Databases

Use your favorite framework's ORM with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and others.

Users and Authentication

Customizable user authentication using email and password, without depending on 3rd-party auth services.

Mail integrations

Easily send out email using 3rd-party mail providers such as Sendgrid or Amazon SES.

OpenAPI / Swagger

Automatically generated OpenAPI specification for your API and Swagger UI for documentation and testing.


MongoDB support for Node projects through the Mongoose object-document mapper.

Admin UI

Automatic admin UI for Django.

Error logging

Custmizable console logging and support for Sentry.

Really cool and powerful! This is a one-stop shop for starting new projects.

Zvonimir Sabljić

Wow, this is absolutely brilliant! What you have so far is really great, saves hundreds of hours of boilerplate.

Tawanda Minya
Full-stack developer

WOW, this is just what I needed as a front end guy. Thank you a ton!

Joe Roberon
Frontend developer

We needed to move fast with our MVP and API Bakery allowed us to get started quickly. A real time saver!

Amalia Souček-Želinski
Backend developer

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