Frequently asked questions

Where is my project hosted?
You can host your project wherever you like. When you create it, you get a ZIP archive of the code, ready to be deployed to the cloud service or hosting provider of your preference. We don't host your project.
What's the difference between API Bakery and cookiecutter?
Cookiecutter and similar tools for project scaffolding are one-size-fits-all solutions, and allow minimal customization, which limits how useful they are. In contrast, API Bakery creates a fully-customized project and allows you to define your data models and APIs in detail.
What's the difference between API Bakery and Swagger or OpenAPI?
OpenAPI and Swagger can be used to define how a REST API works and automatically generate the code for it. However, they can't be used to define database models and actual server implementation. API Bakery supports (optional) use of OpenAPI and Swagger, but adds much more.
Can I use API Bakery throughout the lifetime of my project?
After you create an initial project, you can edit it, change settings and add or modify database models, and generate a new version of the code. However, if you've made any changes to the project in your own codebase, you'll have to merge the changes manually.

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