Why API Bakery

About us

Built by developers for developers, based on decades of experience building web applications and API backends.

By developers for developers

We honed our skills and gained experience through decades of professional work implementing web applications, mobile backends, and public and internal API services.

We worked on projects ranging from indie music and movies playback, distribution and payments systems, to back-office systems for telecoms and fintech companies.

Throughout this, we noticed many projects have some things in common: the way you set up the code, design the database and specify basic API operations, are almost always the same.

Like many agencies, we developed internal template projects to eliminate duplicate work. But a single template was too rigid and needed customization for each project. It also needed maintenance work to keep up with new versions of frameworks we were using.

API Bakery - a customizable template project

Based on this, we set out to build a customizable template project for each of the software platforms we use, and so API Bakery was born.

The aim of API Bakery is to eliminate the neccessary but boring part of setting up a project for an API backend service. Instead of a junior (or senior!) developer spending an afternoon doing this, API Bakery will do it in a few seconds.

As developers, we care about code quality and it is important to use that the is well structured, looks nice and is nice to work with, extend and maintain. We put big emphasis on generating code just like that: the code we generate is a well-tended garden, not a jungle full of weeds.