About API Bakery

API Bakery is a backend code generator for REST/JSON API services that creates clean, documented and tested code that you can easily adapt, extend and maintain.

Save hundreds of hours writing standard boilerplate code on every new project start, and focus on the real "meat" of your app.

How it works

Create and configure a project, then define the data (model) layer and specify API endpoints, all using a simple 4-step user interface. We then generate the source code for the project you specified. The code is immediately usable (plug in your database settings and run it in development mode) and you can use it as a starting block for further development.

Generated code has no dependencies on any additional library, framework or service of ours. There's no new API to learn or SDKs to incorporate. It's all yours. It is clean so you can easily navigate, modify and adapt it.


Supported platforms

Currently we support Django with Django REST Framework (Python). Support for Rails (Ruby), Laravel (PHP) and Express (NodeJs) is coming soon.

Comparison with Swagger / OpenAPI

Swagger lets you define API interface and document and generate client-side and server-side code from it. It doesn't help you to model the database, it doesn't provide new project starter boilerplate nor does it help with devops.

API Bakery does all these things. In fact, soon you'll be able to use Swagger for documentation and client code generation with a single option check in the API Bakery editor.

Comparison with project scaffolding tools

Project templating tools, such as cookiecutter for Python, can help with the initial project scaffolding but require maintenance over time and can't help with database modelling.

We've used project templates for years, and one of the motivations for starting API Bakery was we always spent almost more time maintaining the templates as we saved by using them, as they were pretty limited.

Support for feature X

We're in early development. If you're wondering if we support or have plans for a specific feature, ask us! We love to talk to potential customers and anyone else who has comments, ideas or other feedback for us - positive or negative.

Who we are

I have worked on hundreds of web application and API projects throughout the years, as a lead in a digital agency and individually as team members in startups of varying sizes.

API Bakery is something I wished for in many of those jobs.

Try without paying or committment

There's a no-strings-attached 14-day free trial, no credit card required. Build a few projects and compare how long it would take you to do the same manually. See for yourself how much time API Bakery saves you.

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