Build APIs in seconds. Batteries included.

We handle the boilerplate so you can focus on the important things.
Out of the box you get routes, data models, authentication, validation, tests and integrations, customized for you and ready for production.

Start faster

Focus immediately on the unique problem you're solving.

Design better

Quickly experiment and iterate on your data models and API design.

Quality by default

Generated code is clean, tested, documented and follows best practices.

No strings attached

No new platform, language or libraries to learn. Generated code has no dependencies on API Bakery.

Works with your favorite framework

Django / Python

Express / NodeJS

What our users say

“We needed to move fast with our MVP and API Bakery allowed us to get started quickly. A real time saver!” — Amalia, backend lead on Klippy
“Wow, this is absolutely brilliant! What you have so far is really great, saves hundreds of hours of boilerplate.” — Tawanda Minya
“WOW, this is just what I needed as a front end guy. Thank you a ton.“ — Joe Roberon, frontend developer
“Really cool and powerful! This is a one-stop shop for starting new projects.“ — Zvonimir, CEO/cofounder of AWW