Stop wasting time on repetitive, boilerplate code

API Bakery is a backend code generator for API services that creates clean, documented and tested code that you can easily adapt, extend and maintain.

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  • Django / Python available now
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Save time on every project setup

Avoid churning boilerplate and focus immediately on the unique problem you're solving.

Simplify database and API design

Quickly experiment and iterate on your data models and API design.

Produce clean, maintainable code

Generated code is clean, tested, documented and follows best practices to ensure maintainability.

No vendor lock-in

No new platform, language or libraries to learn. Generated code has no dependencies on API Bakery.

“We needed to move fast with our MVP and API Bakery allowed us to get started quickly. A real time saver!” — Amalia, backend lead on Klippy
“Wow, this is absolutely brilliant! What you have so far is really great, saves hundreds of hours of boilerplate.” — Tawanda Minya
“Really cool and powerful! This is a one-stop shop for starting new projects.“ — Zvonimir, CEO/cofounder of AWW