Open-sourcing our Django REST API template

January 6th, 2023

In this article:

API Bakery allows you to customize your Django project template to better fit the standards of your organization and the project you're starting. You can then configure database models and their relations, and expose them via an authenticated API.

Sometimes, you don't need all that - you just need a quick and simple starter template. While you can do that by creating an empty project from within API Bakery, maybe you don't have an account yet or want to share the template with others.

That's why today we're open-sourcing our Django starter template at It includes minimal, reasonable defaults for a new Django project and an example model to get you started.

Note that this template is not customizable: you'll need to change it based on your needs once you clone it. For customization, model definition, and all the extra goodies, visit your API Bakery dashboard (or sign up today for a free account if you haven't already).

The template is open-sourced under a permissive MIT license, so most people out there will be able to freely use it. If you need a custom license or full ownership of the code, again - just create the project using API Bakery directly, all the source code you get will be owned by you.