Introducing our new and improved Django project generator

May 11th, 2023

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We're excited to announce the release of the new and improved version of our Django project generator! This upgrade is a significant leap forward in our journey to provide the best tools for your REST API backend development, as it will help us move faster and bring many new and exicting features to your Django projects.

We've made substantial improvements in error detection — it's now smarter and more stringent, catching more errors before we even attempt to generate the project. This upgrade will ensure that you spend less time debugging and more time focusing on what truly matters - building great applications.

full test suite

In addition, the projects created with our new generator will now include full test coverage for both models and views. This long-awaited feature will save you countless hours in writing test cases and ensure that your application is reliable and robust.

However, with our new error detection enhancements, some existing projects with hidden issues may fail to regenerate with the new generator. These changes are meant to improve your code quality and prevent any potential problems down the line. You can always download the versions you generated previously, so rest assured that your past work is secure.

Our Django project generator has always been about simplifying your backend development process, and with these updates, we're confident it will deliver more value than ever.

We're excited for you to try out our improved Django project generator and experience the difference first-hand. We hope you find the updates beneficial and, as always, we welcome your feedback to help us continue enhancing our services.

Thank you for choosing API Bakery. Keep coding, keep creating!